The Humanitarian House works

with it's full potential after the

conclusion  of all necessary

infrastructure. These constructions

took about 18 years to be

completed, with all the help

and effort of everyone that

hold this cause and together

fought. This non governmental 
institution, with no lucrative

meanings, has as primary

project educate, socialize and

feed children of the local


10 – The Physical Therapy office named “Newton Eleres Diniz”, to attend adults 

1 -
Literacy of children and adults, 
wich is working since august 1997.

2 - Feed poor children, wich is 
working since august 1997.

3 -
Shelter the elderly, adults or
 teenagers besides guidance during 
the pregnancy.
4 - The Pregnant's Home, named 
"Carla Izabele", to protect pregnant 
with difficulties that need shelter 
and guidance during the 

5 - Harvest a garden, orchard and 
farm to attend our already working 

6 - Dental office, named "Dra. 
Ivete Menna da Costa", fully 
equipped to attend children of the 
local community's needs.

7 - Create a study library, wich is 
already working.

8 - Create professional courses, 
wich is already working.

9 - Literacy to adults at night.

10 - The Physical Therapy office 
named "Newton Eleres Diniz", 
to attend adults and children with 
physiotherapy and acupuncture.

11 - Sports center, named 
"Antônio Francisco Lisboa"
 "O Aleijadinho", to help children
 and teenagers with physical
 guidance and conduct.

12 - Classroom "Arlete Castanho"
 to fundamental teaching, as art. 
nº 24 of the 9394/96 national law.

13 - Roon "Therezinha de Jesus
Aguiar Barreto", to care for
children from 01 to 04 years.

14 - Children's playroom "Delta 

15 - "Santa Rita de Cássia" Bazaar
 to sell clothes and used objects.


    A  - 3-story building

Ground: - Music classroom and 
meetings with family and students.

1º Floor - Library "Bispo Dom
 Pedro", info room and dental 

2º Floor  - Home of the responsible 
with the Humanitarian House.


B -  2-story building:

Ground: Guidance room and 
support  to children and infirmary 
to nebulization and small 

1º Floor - Physiotherapy room cut 
and sewing, disposable diapers 
factory and crafts classes.

C - Food court:

Industrial kitchen with coping, 
exhauster, 2 fridges, 1 freezer 
and 2 industrial stoves to feed 
between 100 to 150 people per day.


   D - Garden, orchard and farm:

Orchard: each child has a flowerbed 
to seed and take care, realizing at 
early ages the need and urgency of 
harvesting and preservation.

Orchard: 75 coconut trees, 150 
orange trees, acerolla, vineyard, 
banana trees and papayas trees, 
only as complementation of the 
children menu.

Farm: goose, turkey and chicken  
 for school's consumption.



We supply food and advise for children, teenagers and adults with misconduct problems and/or serious family problems, within the house's range. In 2010, 34.517 meals were served for the needed.


     In order that we can be able to attend people properly and extend our cherish to the community, we are creating a "supporters board", partners of our community house. This way we can continue with our projects and work.


We count on you to practice a little of what Jesus taught us.

Thank you.


Macacos Street  - Unamar -  Cabo Frio -  Rio de Janeiro -  Brazil

Donations: 55 22 774 5745  /  55 22 9261-6767  /  55 22 9224-1999




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